Tektac, Inc will deliver to you high precision machining parts with tolerances in the single-digit micron range.


Our CNC parts are meeting tolerances as tight as 0.01 MM and with high tolerances in flatness, parallelism, and perpendicularity.

We provide wide-range of precision machining types including milling, turning, swiss machining and electrical discharge machining.

Precision Parts
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We assure high standard quality for all our products and provide quality control inspection of each process to guarantee our quality.

Our Quality Inspection room is equipped with Keyence XM-1000 CMM, micrometers, calipers, height gages, high power microscopes and granite surface plates.

Finished machining products are subjected to final quality inspection and precise 3D measurements forquality certifications per customers’ requirements to complete the evidence of product conformity.

Custom Machined Parts, Precision CNC Machining Parts, Stamping, and Services

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