Shutdown Notice

Tektac, Inc. is no longer taking orders, and would like to thank its customers for a phenomenal 50 years of service. Please read out shutdown notice below.

Custom Manufactured Electrical Contacts with precious plating

Custom Machined Parts, Precision CNC Machining Parts, Stamping, and Services

Who we are:

  • TEKTAC is a reliable supplier of precision machined components, an expert in custom manufactured electrical contacts and a quality provider of metal finishing services

  • TEKTAC brings complete and quality solutions for your R&D and production and relies on its qualified network of trusted US-based partners

  • From blueprint to finished components, TEKTAC chooses the optimal and capable producers for each step of the parts fabrication, arranges the production and services and runs logistic in between. We will help you with technical and production questions and organize needed variations for time and quantities delivered.

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Why Use Tektac?

  • We deliver complete products providing high precision machined parts with tolerances in the single-digit micron range and consolidate metal finishing services of soldering, annealing, heat treating, assembly, and metal plating

  • We streamline your purchasing and boost your buyers' time. With us you don't need to sort through multiple vendors - we will optimize procurement of machining components for you!

  • We implement quality control inspection throughout each process to ensure delivery of high quality parts that meet all drawing specifications.

Our Services


Precision Machining



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Dedication to Quality

Tektac, Inc. delivers high quality machined and stamped parts utilizing our qualified network of professional and trusted US-based suppliers while performing quality control inspection of each manufacturing process to assure parts meet drawing specifications.

To Tektac, Inc, security of your part designs and hard work is top priority. Care is taken to make sure that all intellectual property is respected and your parts are made for you alone.



Products supplied by Tektac, Inc. are 100% produced in the United States of America and has been used in military defense programs, including but not limited to the Sprint and Minuteman Missile Defense systems. Other industries served are Archery, Aerospace, Automotive, Food Services, Hydraulics, Medical, Machinery and Equipment, Oil Exploration and Refinery, and Rail Transportation.